Sunday, June 7, 2015

Crafted this week, vol 2


Story time everyone.

Hubby and I are headed on a tropical honeymoon next week -- I'll be sure to post pictures when we get back!. Neither of us are particularly equipped wardrobe wise for tropical weather, so a few weeks ago we took a trip to Tommy Bahamas. Hubby spent an hour or so and this really lovely sales woman who reminded me of a red headed Judy Greer helped him get a full vacation wardrobe. It cost way more than I even want to think about, but the clothes really are lovely and made of nice breathable fabric that hubby has been enjoying ever since. Then, we're getting ready to check out, and she turns to me and says:

"Oh, we should get you set up too!"

"I don't think anything here will fit me," I reply, grimacing.

"Oh, well, we have some lovely cover ups, and, um, some hats," she replys, and then goes to ring up the hubby's clothes.

Moments like that are why I sew. I am not a very big girl. I'm curvy, but if I go to a true plus size store, like Lane Bryant, I am at the low end of the size range. At Torrid, where the arbitrary numbers are designed to make us curvy girls feel better, I am usually a size 0. Yet, if I every have to cross through a Nordstrom or Belk on my way into the mall, I try not to look too much at the clothes because I long ago learned that anything that might catch my eye would just lead to heartache when I realize I'm about 2 sizes larger than the largest size they offer.

Now, I make about 2/3rds of my clothes. I still buy some clothing from Old Navy, since their size ranges are much more forgiving and I still like their knit tops and pajama pants. And my underthings I still buy from department stores ( although I did make one bra from the Craftsy bra making course, and will probably make more once I'm back from my honeymoon. The cost of materials to make one turns out to be cheaper than the ones I buy at Lane Bryant). Other than that, I wear at least one hand made piece of clothing a day.

So, knowing that we would be traveling soon, just after the wedding I bought some lightweight fabric in light colors that I would ordinarily NEVER wear, and got cracking at making my own holiday wardrobe. This week alone I made 2 dresses, 3 shirts, and 2 pairs of shorts. I still have 2 skirts and 1 more dress I plan on finishing before we leave next week. So, here are some of the fruits of my labors

Clockwise: Seamworks Adelaide dress (fabric),  Colette Myrtle dress (fabric), Closet Case Files Carolyn Shorts (fabric), Bluegingerdoll Abby top (fabric).

My consolation is that my shorts cost me about $12 to make. The pants hubby bought made of pretty much the same fabric cost 10x that!

As for the Amy Butler top I had planned, the muslin I made had way too many problems for me to want to deal with before my honeymoon. I'll revisit it sometime before the end of the summer.

No post next Sunday, as I will be on holiday. However, look for a post tomorrow to make up for the week I missed, and if I'm feeling productive I'll do one last roundup of the pieces I finish before I leave. Until then, happy crafting everyone!


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