Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Recipe Week 1: French Onion Soup Sandwich

Joy the Baker is a genius. If you haven't visited her site before, I highly suggest clicking this link here and checking it out. Her writing is so bright and cheerful ( and honestly a little manic sometimes, but I find that charming ) and her recipes range from healthy smoothies full of kale to delicious cakes that I can only describe as pure decadence.

But when I saw the words "French Onion Soup Sandwich", I just HAD to try it, and I think it was a lovely way to start this little project of mine.

This recipe is pretty simple, just time consuming. Once the onions are caramelized, it only takes a couple of minutes to put together the sandwiches. But it's an agonizingly long amount of time to turn this:

into this:

For me, it took about 45 minutes, during which my apartment smelled incredible and I had to use every ounce of willpower I had not to just give in and eat something before I could have my sandwich for lunch. Joy says to check the onions every 4 minutes once you start caramelizing them, and I would highly recommend just setting a timer on your phone and doing this religiously, because every time I checked on them they were getting close to being glued to the bottom of my dutch oven, and if I had lollygagged getting to the oven I would have been disappointed by a burned batch of onions.

Once they looked brown, I added in cooking sherry and stirred until everything loosened from the pan. Then it was just a matter of grating the Gruyere cheese, assembling the sandwich, and grilling it on my cast iron griddle:

The recipe can be found here. The only change I made to the process was I used sweet vidalia onions instead of white onions, because I prefer their flavor and, honestly, they make me cry less when I go to slice them up :) 


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