Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Project #1: Key Keeper Coin Purse

This weekend I started my quest to complete 27 crafty projects. I started with this Key Keeper Coin Purse. It's a small zippered case, large enough to fit your fist inside, so it's perfect for carrying little things, like keys and spare change.

The pattern for this case can be found in the book Amy Butler's Style Stitches: 12 Easy Ways to 26 Wonderful Bags. It is project 7 in the book, and the pattern for the main body and the lining is printed on some nice pattern paper in the pattern envelope included with the book. The directions are relatively simple, however there aren't any photos of the process and minimal diagrams, so I took a few pictures of the process as I put it together.

Here are the pieces all cut out:

And here are some photos of the pleating process ( Step 4 );

Eventually you will have both the interior and the exterior pleated and fabric bands added to the tops ( Steps 5-7 ):

Then a pocket will be added to one of the lining pieces ( Step 8 ):

Next the zipper is installed between the exterior fabric and the lining ( Step 9 ):

Finally the tab is attached and the sides of the purse sewn together ( Steps 10 - 12 ).

I pretty much followed the instructions exactly, except I added a D ring to the tab, since the D rings I had have to be sewn in rather than slipped on later.

I hope these images are helpful if anyone else tries to make this pattern :)


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